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Zhejiang Kreation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Kreation for short) is a smart sensor company invested and founded by E-Quality Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (E-Quality for short), which was formally established in May 2020 in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is committed to the research and development, production, and sales of smart sensors and other smart components.

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The core team of the company comes from well-known domestic intelligent development and manufacturing enterprises, with 10 years of ECU development and mass production experience, and resource advantages. The product direction covers engine controller, fuel cell controller, vehicle controller (fuel and hybrid power), transmission controller, intelligent sensor control, and so on.

The company adheres to the road of independent innovation. The accumulated investment in intelligent sensor research and development is nearly 20 million yuan. By 2020, the company will achieve mass production and sales and has formed nearly 20 patents. It has completed the research and development of NOx sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, and urea tank sensors and gradually realize mass production, equipped with an automatic assembly production line, intelligent production off-line detection equipment, ERP system, MES system, WMS system, and other hardware and software systems, to achieve the intelligent, informative and integrated process of production, quality inspection, and traceability, and strive to become the leading enterprise of an automotive electronic intelligent sensor.

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The company has obtained the CMMI and IATF16949 certification, with advanced and mature project management experience and product research and development experience, adopt international advanced “V” process development, strictly ensure the quality of the product from the source, the company always sticks to the core values of innovation, responsibility, high efficiency, rapid response to customer needs, continuing to create more value for customers.

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