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NOx Sensor 5WK9 6612F

The NOx sensor 5WK9 6612F is part of a NOx reduction after-treatment system in diesel vehicles using a urea-based SCR system. In 5WK9 6612F NOX sensors, NOX is separated into nitrogen and oxygen by catalytically active electrodes. The NOx sensor 5WK9 6612F can simultaneously measure and exhaust NOx, which can quickly and accurately detect the NOx concentration level in the gas.

Product Features:

NOx Sensor OEM No.5WK9 6612F
Independently develop signal processing and HW/SW control for compatibility with the best detection technology
Independently develop dedicated chips that are highly integrated reliable, and low cost
1. Quality: We have strict quality standards and well reputation.
2. Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business.

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Product Parameters:

OEM No.5WK9 6612F
Model Number: 5WK9 6612F
OEM NO:2296799
Kreation Model #: K10360

Measuring Rang of NOx 0~2500ppm O2: -12%~21%
Precision/Accuracy of NOx 0~100ppm: ±10ppm;100~500ppm:±10%;
500~1500ppm:±15%; 1500~2500ppm:±30%
Precision/Accuracy of O2 0%~5%: ±0.25%;5%~21%: ±5%
Light-off The measurement status can be reached within 160 seconds
Response Time T (10-90%): NOx<5300ms
T (10-90%): O2<4900ms
Supply Voltage 24V
Length of Cable 410mm.650mm,950mm, customized
Discharge Temperature 800℃
Place of Origin Hu Zhou, Zhe jiang, China
Part Name NOx sensor

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Application and After-Sales Service:

OEM No.5WK9 6612F
Application: Truck
Warranty:12 Months Every product will be tested before the shipment, if you get any problems with our product, please contact us the first time, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We have a highly automated production line and MES system to help us keep good quality and reliable cooperation for globally valued customers.

We have obtained the CMMI and IATF16949 certification, with advanced and mature project management experience and product research and development experience, adopt international advanced “V” process development, strictly ensure the quality of the product from the source, the company always sticks to the core values of innovation, responsibility, high efficiency, rapid response to customer needs, continuing to create more value for customers.

Hardware: NOx sensor probe automatic production line (powder press-fitting, air tightness testing, protective cover press-fitting, laser welding, wiring-harness installation, function testing, automatic blanking, testing position data will be recorded and uploaded to the MES system), probe aging facility (data recorded and upload to the MES system), SCU production line (dispensing the glue, spot welding, curing, laser marking, calibration), package.

IT system: from order to product delivery (parts, material sourcing) all of the process data are recorded in ERP and MES system, Quality Management System (tracing every test position, every batch material, every core part such PCBA and ceramic chip) realize process tracing for quality analysis and management.

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