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Successfully Obtained E-Mark Certification


In August,2022,Zhejiang Kreation Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd successfully obtained the E-Mark certificate.

The product that has obtained the E/e-Mark certificate and affixed with the certification mark indicates that it complies with the requirements of ECE regulations or EC directives, and thus confirms that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures. The E/e-Mark certificate also truly becomes a passport for the product to be allowed to enter the European Economic Commission member countries and the European Union market for sale.

E-Mark certification, like CE certification, reduces the risk of the company’s sales in Europe, including the risk of being detained and investigated by the customs, the risk of being investigated and dealt with by the market supervision authority and the risk of being accused by peers for the purpose of competition, with this certification, can fully guarantee that Kreation will expand more markets in Europe. In the future, Kreation will continue to certify the market norms and instructions, and make the products internationalized.

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