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Successfully obtained IATF16949 certification


In Jan,2022,Zhejiang Kreation Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd successfully obtained the IATF16949:2016 quality management system standard compliance certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland,.

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This indicates that Kreation ’s R&D, production and service systems can already meet the high-level quality management standards required by the automotive industry, possess systematic, scientific and standardized management capabilities, and can stably provide high-quality products that meet market demand and automotive industry manufacturing specifications. performance product.
IATF16949, as the technical specification of the international automobile industry, integrates the advanced quality management requirements of the international automobile industry, and represents the forefront of the quality management system standard of the contemporary automobile manufacturing industry.
Through the implementation of the IATF16949 system, Kreation actively conducts product audits, process audits and system audits, and successfully passed the on-site assessment of the certification company.The company’s quality management capabilities have been comprehensively improved, and through the integration of core suppliers, localized development of key components , establishing strategic partnership with suppliers and a series of key measures, Kreation production center has opened up a nationalized supply chain system, and has achieved best practices in product design, research and development, production, installation and service. It has laid a solid foundation for the rapid business expansion in the future and the large-scale mass production of integrated navigation products on more mainstream models.
The successful passing of the IATF16949 certification quality management system certification means that the production center of Kreation has established a complete supply chain quality control system and obtained a green pass to enter the automotive supply chain system. Next, Kreation will use this As a new starting point, we continue to deepen and implement the requirements of the quality management system in the process of production and operation, and provide the corporate social mission of strong technical support for the realization of national production of domestic equipment, continue to exceed customer expectations, and provide the market with high quality, reliable and stable.

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