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Urea Quality Sensor

Urea Quality Sensor(UQS) contributes to enhance the functionality of the Urea-SCR system, which is indispensable system for detoxifying NOx exhaust from large diesel engines of trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, moreover becomes increasingly prevalent.
The urea quality sensor detects the urea level, temperature, and concentration of the SCR system, and sends it to the engine controller through standard CAN messages.
The SAIC winter test will be completed in January 2021.
It has been mass-produced in several OEMs, and orders reached 10,000 sets in 2021.

Product Features:

1. Completely independent development, continuous improvement, low cost
2. Adopting the lagging solution, easy maintenance and low after-sales cost
3. reliable quality
4. Can realize customer customization requirements
5. The signal adopts high-frequency acquisition, taking into account the accuracy and responsiveness, and the temperature is corrected in the full range
6. Vibration, bubble interference, zero liquid level and other complex working conditions correction to prevent false alarms

urea quality sensor 3

Product Parameters:

technical temperature -40-85℃
Operating Voltage 7-36V
Protection class IP6K9K
output signal CAN-J1939
Quantity transfer cycle 1S
corresponding time <3S
Concentration detection range 0-50%
Concentration detection accuracy 25%≤Urea%≤36%and -7℃≤T≤60℃,±1%deviation; other conditions, ±2% deviation
Temperature detection range -40-80℃
Temperature detection accuracy ±1℃
Liquid level detection range It can be calibrated to adapt to users of different sizes of urea tanks
Liquid level detection accuracy Dry spring type, single point accuracy ±5mm

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application: heavy truck
Warranty:12 Months
Every product will be tested before the shipment, if you get any problems with our product, please contact us in the first time, we will response as soon as possible.

We have a highly automated production line and MES system to help us keep good quality and reliable cooperation for globally valued customers. We have obtained the CMMI and IATF16949 certification, with advanced and mature project management experience and product research and development experience, adopt international advanced “V” process development, strictly ensure the quality of the product from the source, the company always sticks to the core values of innovation, responsibility, high efficiency, rapid response to customer needs, continuing to create more value for customers.


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